8 Killer Benefits Of Email Marketing

As being a Digital Marketer I truly say that Email Marketing is a core engine for Digital Marketers. Out of all the available Digital Marketing Tools, Email Marketing is the Best tool available on this Planet. If you neglect Email Marketing, soon or later you have to pay the price. Email Marketing is truly reliable, dependable and bulletproof Model. Unlike other Digital Marketing Tools, like SEO if you are ranking top today in your niche who knows if Google tomorrow changes it’s SEO algorithms and next moment you are no more visible on the first page for the same Keywords. If you believe in  SEM, History shows that there were people who were making millions of $ a year by buying traffic to their website using SEM, which vanished overnight after adding quality score parameter for ranking in Google Adwords algorithm update. If you are depending on Social media marketing to buy traffic their complicated advertising policies and norms can make your account suspended. My Facebook ads account was suspended a couple of times for no reason.

In SEO, SME or social media advertisement your business is dependent on Google, Facebook and other MNC, you are not in total control of your business. As I said Email Marketing is a core engine in digital marketing, Email Marketing is a targeted, scalable and dependable, your list is your true asset nobody can steal the list from you neither Google nor Facebook nor anyone.

Email Marketing is the most cost-effective with no advertising cost, You can use email marketing to get traffic to your blog or promoting affiliate links to make money or even you can sell click. Only you have worked hard to get your subscribers and also requires a small investment for email marketing software to automate, track and evaluate your email. Most of the email marketing software comes with a free trial.

With email marketing, you can control what you want to promote by segmenting the subscribers based on lead status, demographics or location. In 2011, Direct Marketing Association estimated that for every 1 $ invested in email marketing will get you back 40 $ in returns. Other key benefits of email marketing is having an ability to track the parameters such as delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, E.P.C. Making it simple to analyze the campaign and optimize it. These tracking parameters are can be easily calculated with the help of email marketing software. Setting up email marketing campaign requires no technical skills as many email marketing software has predefined templated to use just by drag and drop, Predefined

Images, logos and most of the successful campaigns use Simple Plan text because the content is very important.


It is better to avoid predefined templated as it will increase the chances to land your email into the promotional tab of Gmail.

Subscribers can share the offers or information in the email with their friend and families just a click of a button. Unlike any other Campaigns, Email Marketing gets instant results with hours after sending an email. As this platform allow to witness tempting offers to purchase an item just a click away. Subscribers Opt-in into your list because they are very much interested in learning many new things. With every valuable email, you become closure to your email list. Never try to spam subscribers as it will break the trust.