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When you buy from us, you buy peace of mind and support. We absolutely GUARANTEE that you will not get some foreign guy who you can’t understand – you’ll get an American who speaks plain English, and we guarantee the quality of our work and the products we sell. A word, or two, about Windows VISTA and Windows VISTA was in development for five years, but as most of us now know, it was a FLOP. Support for Vista will end,

THIS YEAR (2010). Support for WinXP will CONTINUE through 2014. Meanwhile, , is GREAT! We are totally convinced that Microsoft got it RIGHT this time! Before upgrading however, go to and check their compatability which will check your system for you. We normally suggest you wait to upgrade to any new Windows product until the bugs are worked out, but Microsoft has done Windows 7 right, and they are VERY responsive to tech support questions, and addressing any problems so far. Windows 7: We are a Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft OEM System

Builder, and we are happy to report that the new Windows 7 Operating System looks and runs GREAT! We had been beta testing it and were impressed then! It has the look of Vista with the aero look, but the feel and familiarity of Windows XP – a hybrid of sorts, but … well, we are IMPRESSED and have sold dozens of Windows 7 systems without ANY negative feedback or problems! Our recommendation? Upgrade to, or buy a system with Windows 7. Well, since a local muslim filed a BBB complaint because he obviously does not like our web site’s patriotic fervor, we are implementing a program to PROVE that he’s wrong – I am NOT a raving xenophobic muslim hater! Said muslim also claimed he was denied service in our store. Fact is, NO ONE recognized as a muslim, EVER entered our store – he’s just anohter jihad-minded LIAR … but just in case here’s our program of peacemaking: To prove that we embrace diversity, we will have an Eid al Fitr Special every year! Anyone wearing a turban or a burqa who purchases a computer the day after Eid al Fitr, gets …. a Gift Certificate for either a FREE IRISH HAM & CABBAGE DINNER … or, PORK ‘n SAUERKRAUT over mashed taters with pork hotdogs! This offer in fact, is good for ANY muslim holiday – especially when they end their fasting… poor fellers gotta be hungry then! Our thanks to Hassan for enabling us to make this DELICIOUS offer. PS: The BBB ruled the complaint invalid, and “outside of their purview” as it was so OBVIOUSLY fraudulent.

Here it is with my comments in RED! :

Recently I went to Digital Technologies, LLC to inquire about computer repair services. I was spoken to disrespectfully and told I “don’t belong here.” I asked them to clarify and the employee quickly stated that my problem was not within their scope and I should find another repair shop. < LIAR – We’ve NEVER had ANY muslim in our shop, EVER. This is the only computer repair shop in my town. < A liar, or more likely STUPID as there are SEVERAL in Butler! Duh! After reviewing their website to confirm the actual scope of their business, I found this quote, “Dare to compare! When you buy from us, you buy peace of mind and free support. We absolutely GUARANTEE that you will not get some foreign guy who you can’t understand – you’ll get an American who speaks plain English, and we guarantee the quality of our work and the products we sell,” which you can find here: Their website is, in fact, filled with vitriolic, xenophobic rantings. Had I known this before, I would not have set foot in their establishment. To be clear, there is no possible “resolution” to this issue. My interest is in alerting the Better Business Bureau to the fact that Digital Techologies, LLC of Butler PA is not in fact a “better business” at all and should be reviewed for grading under the Bureau’s guidelines for both advertising and customer service.

Yep! He’s right! We don’t like jihadi TERRORISTS, the PLO, Hammas, al Qaeda or the Taliban or ANY OTHER radical Islamist who bastardizes any religion – and I especially don’t like LIARS Hassan. So go mate with a camel. I would hope that after reviewing the business’ website they would be struck from the roll of “better businesses.” Short of that, I hope that this business’ rating with the Better Business Bureau will reflect the lack of tolerance evident on their website. Stone-aged trogs should read the United States Constitution, AND the Bill of Rights – especially the 1st Amendment… and be warned, we love our 2nd Amendment. GOD BLESS AMERICA. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” On THIS, there is NO statute of limitations! check out the Forbes Magazine article here – it explains why we do NOT, at this time, recommend

• None We will custom design a system for you, according to YOUR needs, or build a system to your exact specifications. We use only quality parts, and you get your choice of Intel or AMD processors. All of our systems carry a minimum 1 year full warranty, and certain customs systems a 2 year limited warranty. We have NEVER had any computer returned and can provide a list of references. Our goal… our only hope to survive is to, “Get it right — the FIRST time!” This is a brief menu of our services with standard prices indicated. As with any business, prices are subject to change without notice, so please call for the latest pricing. However, our core services at $95 have not changed in over FOUR YEARS, and we will KEEP those prices the same as our small part to keep America going! What is never subject to change is our pledge to QUALITY and to SATISFACTION. If you want current pricing, please give us a call at (724) 287-8700.

• In addition to inspecting the interior of your computer, we will perform a basic cleaning of fans, vents, cooling aparatus and the power supply ports and fans. ALL malicious spyware, adware and viruses will be completely removed. The computer Registry will be edited and cleaned of “dead” file entries. Up to two users’ “MY DOCUMENTS” files will be saved and restored back to the system. We STRONGLY recommend our “own” Security Package, which is entirely FREE. Ask us for details at the store or by phone.

• A complete and total reload of your computer’s Operating System and up to three programs, e.g., MS Office, Quicken, or other programs that you would like put back on. [You must supply LEGAL copies of any software. Sorry, we cannot install ANY software not on a manufacturer’s original CD ROM or DVD ROM.] Like the Clean & Optimize, we recommend our “own” Security Package (see above). This service also includes inspecting the interior of your computer, and we will perform a basic cleaning of fans, vents, cooling apparatus and the power supply ports and fans.

• When you buy a name brand computer, they come loaded FULL with “bloatware” and trial programs. We will remove those unnecessary programs that do little more than slow your system down. Did you REALLY want 20 or so “free” games to try out? Try them and don’t like them, but then they’re INSTALLED and sucking up system resources and drive space. Bring us your new PC and we’ll get rid of that crap, and will optimize your computer to maximize performance, speed AND security! Don’t waste your money on Norton or McAfee – OVER 42% of the market share for anti-virus programs is held by FREE anti-virus and anti-spyware programs – DEPENDABLE programs that we’ve used for YEARS! We’ll also explain to you exactly how to use them to keep your system clean and running at top speed.

• None Computers are basically a “dust and dander magnet.” While most computers only require a simple cleaning, some that have gone without a cleaning for a prolonged time, require detailed cleaning and some disassembly. This is an add-on service and is done ONLY when necessary.

• None This fee is REMOVED if we do any work to your computer. For example, if we install an internal device such as a PCI card ($10), the TOTAL charge is $10.00 — even if its a PCI card that you brought to us. However, if we determine that a PCI card is the problem, and you take your computer to fix it yourself, the fee for diagnosing it is the full $35. Please call us if you have ANY questions about this item. This charge keeps US from being taken advantage of — it is NOT a hidden charge and is NEVER added to ANY bill for parts or repair.

• Insludes program or driver installation if necessary.

• None Some installations, such as memory or CPUs may require the removal of items like a Power Supply. This is typical in compact or ultra-small computers.

• Any disassembly of a laptop for internal repairs is billed at our standard hourly rate of $45/hour. Internal repairs typically take from fifteen minutes to one hour. A fifteen minute repair then would cost only $11.25; a half hour, $22.50 and so on.

• None Service calls are expensive! No one, and we mean, NO ONE, can adequately do more than the BASIC service at your home or business – ESPECIALLY virus or malware removal. Running a program and finding viruses, will NOT cure your computer! If we come to your home or business, we can only work on YOUR computer. So why pay for someone to sit there and simply WATCH as your computer loads an Operating System (up to 3 hours), or downloads Microsoft Updates which can be another hour or two??? Here, we can work on as many as EIGHT desktops and 3 laptops, and a lot of time is spent with the computer loading programs or running our diagnostic tools. Remember, at your home or business, NO TECHNICIAN can properly complete a job with finite detail, and the quality siimply cannot compare. Therefore, we no longer perform service calls because it’s a lose-lose service to both the customer – substandard quality; and to us because it harms our reputation for excellence. If you need basic computer classes, let us know! We have a TRUSTED associate who, for a VERY reasonable fee, will provide in-home training for you! Call and ask about We normally have computers repaired, within 48 hours. If we receive a computer by 1:00 PM on Monday for example, it is most always done by Wednesday. We don’t get upset with ourselves however, until and unless we hit the 72 hour mark, but that is RARE. There are occasional exceptions however – the netbooks can take a bit longer, and so too can notebooks since we may have to wait longer for notebook parts.

• None The most critical consideration for comptuers, especially notebooks, is cooling. NEVER set your notebook on a bed or blanket, and NEVER on your lap. They don’t call them laptops anymore for a reason! There are air ports on the underside! Block them, and you’ll cook your computer! Put them on blankets, and the lint that gets into them will block air ports, and can even STOP the cooling fan(s) from turning! Result? FRIED COMPUTER!!

• None Gaming? Most laptops, unless specifically DESIGNED for gaming, don’t do well. The hard drives only spin at 5400 rpm. Gamers turn at 7200rpm, and desktop gamers at 10,000rpm! So, your standard home, student or business laptop will disappoint you if you try todays modern games other than BASIC games like card games.

None Screen care:

Most office product stores and department stores sell expensive cleaning gels for LCD and LED screens. Instead, go to a department store’s TV section and save about 50% over the computer department’s prices! $20 bucks in a computer section – $10 bucks in a TV section for the same kind of LCD/LED cleaner!

None Laptop Keyboard care:

They’re FRAGILE … and they’re hard to replace a single key on. Usually, the whole keyboard needs replaced and the expense can be as little as $30 to as much as $100.

• None Children? Laptops are NOT for kids, unless they are VERY capable of taking care of such a FRAGILE piece of expensive equipment. Netbooks are even MORE fragile – so think twice before buying a notebook or a netbook for young kids. They are NOT toys! • None What’s the most common repair we see? The Power Adapter connection jack – if your luck is good, the power adapter side goes bad ($40 to $65); if your luck is bad, the plug in the computer does. That can cost as little as $65 to as much as $300!! Our advice? BE GENTLE WITH YOUR LAPTOP, and ESPECIALLY gentle with those little Netbooks! “I spilled my drink on my keyboard,” which on a desktop costs $20 bucks at worst.

On a laptop, it can mean replacing the ENTIRE computer. If you do spill something, turn it completely OVER and do it IMMEDIATELY!! Then, UNPLUG THE POWER and REMOVE the BATTERY! Don’t worry about the liquid going on the floor or table, or your lap – the goal here is to SAVE THE COMPUTER! Leave it turned over, but watch that the LCD or LED monitor screen doesn’t get damaged. Prop it up… LET THE COMPUTER ALONE for at LEAST 24 HOURS. Then, use a hair dryer on the setting to blow air onto the UPSIDE-DOWN keyboard – ! You do NOT want to blow liquid upwards and onto the main circuitry of the computer’s parts! After an hour or so, close it, and take it to a repair shop – a $35 to $70 diagnostic fee can be a LOT cheaper than turning it on only to hear a sizzle sound, and smell the taletell odor of burning circuits. While that may happen even at a repair shop, at least they’ll make SURE the inside components are DRIED first – and you can only it wasn’t destroyed when the liquid was first spilled onto it. If you turn it on, and it’s still wet inside, well … you get the picture. One of Bill’s son’s (Mike) buddies already in Iraq. These kids SUPPORT our country … so what’s wrong with the politicians in America???

1. QUALITY workmanship and products

2. FAIR pricing for our products and labor

3. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS For security reasons, we cannot put photos of our sons online. The owners of this business, have two sons serving in the United States Army. Both are deployed to combat – one is in Afghanistan after having finished a tour during the successful “Surge” in Iraq; and the other is in Iraq for his first combat tour. So, you won’t find us to be very patient with anyone who does not support our troops … not just because our sons are soldiers … but because we are proud to be supporters of the War Against Terror. Always remember, 9-11-2001 was an attack against America, and everything we need to know about Islam, we learned on 9-11-2001.

Don’t even TALK to us about it, if you think we are not in a WAR. This bull manure about the muslim scum at Ft. Hood just being “a soldier under stress,” or the moron Fruit-of-the-Boom wannabe bomber in Detroit just being a frustrated kid, is CRAP. They are TERRORISTS – and they should be in Gitmo on a board with LOTS of water to find out what they know about OTHER terrorists! To hell with the limp-wristed politicians and the politically correct imbeciles who think playing nice-nice with muslim extremists will make them be good boys and girls! If waterboarding is out, just shoot the bastards and save AMERICAN lives.