7 Proven Strategies To Rapidly Increase Your Instagram Follower Count

Gaining followers on Instagram is an important goal for any business. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, build relationships with potential customers, or to improve your social media presence – having a bigger following can take you a long way. As such, here are seven proven strategies that can help you rapidly increase your Instagram follower count.

1. Buy 100K Instagram Followers

One of the quickest ways to gain more followers in a short amount of time is to buy them. There are many sites where you can buy 100K Instagram followers at once and it is often much cheaper than other methods. This strategy will also give you an immediate boost in followers and make your account look more popular which can help attract even more organic followers in the future.

2. Use Hashtags Smartly

Using hashtags correctly is one of the most effective techniques for increasing your reach on Instagram and gaining new followers quickly. When used wisely, hashtags enable people who don’t follow you already to discover your content and potentially become new fans of yours if they like what they see. Try using popular but relevant hashtags as well as creating branded ones specific for your account to drive up engagement levels when posting new content.

3. Post High-Quality Content Regularly

Quality over quantity should always be your motto when it comes to posting content on Instagram; It’s better have fewer posts but ensure that these posts are great quality rather than flooding followers’ feeds with mediocre content multiple times a day every day! Aim for two or three posts per week so that each post stands out from the crowd and has maximum impact on those seeing it – this will encourage more people to follow you and stay engaged too!

4. Leverage Influencers For Promotion

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially over recent years given its effectiveness in helping brands reach target audiences quickly while building trust among potential customers through existing relationships influencers already have with their fan base; As such, leveraging influencers strategically could be just what you need if looking for efficient ways of boosting your follower numbers significantly within short periods of time! Identify suitable influencers aligned with the image/values of your brand then collaborate with them by means of sponsored posts etc .to get maximum exposure on social media platforms, including IG

5. Engage With Other Accounts & Communities

Engaging with other users’ accounts (brands included) builds strong connections between you and others who may eventually become loyal supporters down the line; commenting, liking, reposting, sharing etc. are all good activities that keep people talking about the products/services/messages etc. you offer; plus engaging with online communities related to whatever niche market/audience base yours serves does wonders in terms of generating interest in what’s going on – both from current & potential subscribers!

6. Offer contests & promotions

Offering contests or promotions on IG not only encourages people who are already following you to stick around longer, but also lures in those who are still undecided whether to join the bandwagon or not – prizes ranging from freebies/discounts/coupons/special offers/giveaways etc.. All of these work magic in increasing user participation levels, thus facilitating the spread of word of mouth fast & furious among wider audiences; also include a bonus points/ rewards system, as it raises the stakes of the competition even further, encouraging people to invest more time in participating, thus increasing the chances of getting noticed – plus discovering what else the product offering has to offer beyond the confines of the competition…

7. Run ads on the platform

Running ads directly on IG doesn’t come cheap… but boy does it deliver results fast! Ad campaigns specifically designed to increase follower count via targeted advertising i.e. targeting specific demographic segments e.g. age group/ gender, qualified prospects by location etc. can pay rich dividends and deliver a greater number of leads almost instantly; although running ads requires a good budget… if done right, the investments made could easily pay back handsomely bringing quick returns measured in real time footfall conversions – consider test runs before launch especially when first starting out!